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Bone Pet Club
– the first professional hotel and club for dogs was created out of our great passion and love for animals.

We offer rooms and apartments in various styles, individual day plans, personal trainers, specialty menu, grooming and beautifying - it’s all here, you just have to reach out with your paw! That’s how relaxing life can be in a doggie spa.
Here your pet will develop multi-breed friendships, get in great shape and develop excellent manners. All the best for our pets!

We guarantee our four legged guests professional and warm 24/7 around the clock care, a day schedule packed with attractions, lovely meals and a huge playground. Treadmill, swimming pool, sport hall - you can’t be bored while staying with us!
For our little guests we have a special Mini Pet Club space with its own playground.

The hotel is additionally equipped with a separate zone for cats, rodents and birds. Here everyone can feel safe.

Our hotel offers a pet-taxi service so we can pick up your pet and/or return it home safely if needed.

We are open  7 days a week, 365 days a year.


fitness & spa

A healthy body = a healthy dog! We can help your pet stay fit. For overnight hotel guests all  attractions are included in the price. We make sure that all activities match the individual dog’s needs.

For those who are full of energy and for those who don’t have many occasions to play around with other dogs on a daily basis we have a special offer -  DOGGIE DAY - full day care with socializing time.
For your convenience we have a pet taxi so you can leave the pet transport to us. We will arrange for pick up in the morning and drop off in the evening. Please inquire to arrange the service.

Swimming – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For many breeds swimming is strongly recommended. Regular training can help your dog stay fit and their joints supple and muscles strong. Ask your vet for advice.

Treadmill - it’s not a replacement for a long walk. It’s a way to get in beautiful shape while improving the pet’s gait. Are you training for a dog show?- treadmill training will double your dog’s chances to win!


fitness & spa

Beauty salon for the most demanding clients: bathing, haircuts, trimming, dog stylist. Complex care includes eye and ear hygiene, claw trimming and paw care.

Using proper cosmetics can show off the quality and lustre of the coat and each dog’s individual character.

The sooner a dog gets used to grooming the better. Your pet will get used to it and learn to enjoy it. Puppies under 6 months of age get their first grooming for free!

The price of grooming sessions are priced individually and they depend on the pet’s shape and the condition of its coat. A beautiful, healthy and well groomed dog reflects well on its owner.


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For dogs: 
Petit Room (ideal for dogs up to 5kg)  75 zł
Standard Room  95 zł
"Family" Apartment  120 zł
second dog in the same room  +45 zł

For cats: 
lunge with food  60 zł
second cat in the same room  +30 zł

rabbit, ferret, guinea pig  20 zł

Prices are negotiable for longer stays (over 10 days).

(full day care excluding overnight)
75 zł
Doggie-day / monthly pass 750 zł

For all hotel guests dining and all the attractions are included: long walks, swimming, running track, sports hall!
swimming pool (trainer assisted) 60 zł / 0.5h
threadmill 25 zł / 0.5h
training hall

30 zł / 1h
For all forms of activity, we offer coupons:
10 sessions at the price of 8!

Bath and drying from 60 zł
shearing from 80 zł
trimming from 120 zł
fur colour corrections from 60 zł
manicure and varnishing 80 zł
perfuming 25 zł
In holiday periods prices grow by 20%: 1-7 IV, 1-3 V, 4-7 VI, 20 XII - 6 I 2016



02-866 Warszawa, ul. Jagielska 1AA
( 10 minutes from Okecie airport, we offer pet-taxi ) / GPS: 52.1118875, 21.0413508

Phone: +48 22 756 71 10 / +48 507 144 044 / Email us at: kontakt@petclub.pl
Open every day 10:00-19:00

Bank account (for bank transfer): 51 1950 0001 2006 0350 4309 0002  IDEA Bank
Bone Polska Marek Cholewa, 34-100 Wadowice / We accept cash and card payments.


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